Select the latest POS hardware devices to reduce waiting lines, boost add-on orders, enable Apple pay for ordering and payment, save labor, increase customer interaction, and receive payments at the table. This devices can also help you speed up takeout pickups, submit orders directly from table to kitchen, view activities from anywhere, etc.


It is a highly sophisticated payment terminal and considered as the future of POS devices. It accepts a broad variety of payment forms that includes Apple Pay, EMV, credit, debit and EBT card swipes, gift cards, etc. To make your transaction simple, it has two connectivity options -Wi-Fi or 3G/4G wireless connectivity. It also gives you the privilege to add applications to manage workers and keep record of customers. It offers several levels of protection including TransArmor solution and mutually authenticated SSL solutions.


This device is much more than just a credit card reader, as it has all the required qualities of business building that can include cloud-based data storage and facility to add optional applications to modify your system. It has many exclusive features such as the ability to accept multiple credit and debit payment types, barcode scanner, MSR, EMV, pin debit, 2 connectivity alternatives, front- facing camera, etc. It is a perfect device for food truck owners, restaurants for paying at the table, mobile service professionals, retailers for stock scanning, and many others.


It is a custom-made product for point of sale, in which you will receive a touch screen display, a printer of high-speed, and a cash register. You will receive a configured station set to take payments with a straightforward setup. You do not need any IT consultant to help you out. To add more, you also get the opportunity to customize it to match your specific business needs with an array of apps. Its key features are large and bright touch screen, encrypted swiper, embedded high-resolution camera, different options for optimal connectivity, 4 USB ports, etc.


When you purchase any of the above-mentioned devices, you will get everything that you need to get started. However, you can further modify it with a variety of non-compulsory accessories such as handheld barcode scanner, label printer, printed-paper, pin debit pad, extra cash register, extra bill & coin tray, tray locking lid, kitchen printer, weight scale and many more.